move your team forward

Transformed Teams


Take your team to new levels of personal growth that result in increased morale, greater teamwork, and higher success. Our half-, one-, or two-day work culture enhancement processes break old paradigms and invite new vision. Let's go!

Leadership Development


Leaders transform when they go from self-deceived to self-aware. I help your leaders get out of the box of insulated, isolated self-protecting motivation: setting themselves and your organization free to fulfill their greatest potential. Get started today!

Healthy Culture


An unhealthy work culture will too often stifle the best talent and greatest potential. Helping your leaders and staff be personally healthy in mind, life, and career fulfillment shifts your organization into high gear.  Bring your team or bring me in!

Ministry & Church Transformation


So very often, churches all over the world are affected by laypersons and leaders who are still the work-in-progress we know comes with spiritual growth. Developing your congregation and leaders with biblically-based personal growth processes creates momentum to fulfill your ministry's call to the great commission. Reach me here.

D.I.S.Cover Personality Behavioral Styles


Discovering the personality behavioral styles of yourself and others improves internal self-awareness, interpersonal communication and personal and professional relationships. Set yourself and others free! Click here to book.

Energizing Group Workshops 1/2 day, Full Day, 2 Day


Come to a Finding Forward seminar or invite Marc to bring the power of transformational processes to you. The seminars are held in the meeting rooms of the Plexpod community of shared office spaces throughout the Kansas City region. It's a great place to jump start your journey forward!